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Four days after launching globally Call of Duty Warzone generates $1.4m

Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile has hit $1.4 million in consumer spending within four days after launching worldwide.

As reported by, per AppMagic data estimates, the shooter has reached $2.2 million in lifetime revenue.

Among country spending, the US accounts for 47% of revenue at $1.1 million.

Chile was the second largest spender, at $202,500, making up 9% of the game’s revenue.

The title had limited releases that began back in 2022 for different regions.

Among countries, the US accounts for 47% of spending on the game to date at $1.1 million.

By comparison, Call of Duty Mobile, launched in 2019, amassed around $17.7 million in player spending and was downloaded over 100 million times in a week after launch.

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