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Focus Entertainment's Q3 revenue dips 43% and it announces a rebrand

Focus Entertainment released its third-quarter earnings report, posting a 43% decrease; this was partly attributed to no major releases during the three months ending December 31.

The games firm also announced that on April 1, it will be rebranding to Pullup Entertainment.

The numbers

Total revenue: €43.3 million (down 43% year-on-year)
Catalogue revenue: €9 million (down 84% year-on-year)
Back catalogue revenue: €29.5 million (up 45% year-on-year)

The highlights

The quarter saw revenue activity driven by its titles, Insurgency: Sandstorm, A Plague Tale: Requiem, SnowRunner, and Atomic Heart.

Regarding its total revenue decline of 43% for Q3, the firm noted that it released A Plague Tale: Requiem and Evil West during the period last year.

Additionally, Focus Entertainment said that revenue for the period includes activity from its newly established audiovisual production play from Scripteam.

“Like-for-like revenue, excluding the contributions of Dovetail and Scripteam, was €35.1 million. 84% of the Group’s sales were made via digital partners, with international sales accounting for 95% of the Group’s total revenue in the third quarter,” said Focus.

Looking ahead

The earnings report added that Pullup Entertainment will consist of its three core business divisions: Focus Entertainment Publishing, the Arcade Crew, and its developer studios.

Focus Entertainment Publishing, a spin-off of the firm’s publishing operations, will be led by deputy managing director John Bert.

Meanwhile, the publishing unit focuses on independent titles and retrogaming; CEO of Dotemy and deputy managing director, Cyrille Imbert, will oversee The Arcade Crew.

Focus studio’s division includes Deck13, Streumon, Twelve Tenths, Leikir Studio, Blackmill, Dovetail, and Carpool Studio.

Regarding game launches, Banishers: Ghost of New Eden, developed by Don’t Nod is slated as the upcoming release for it’s fourth quarter on February 13.

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