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During March Twitch viewership increased by 2%

According to StreamElements and Rainmaker. gg’s monthly State of the Stream report, Twitch’s viewership grew by 2% during March, reaching 1.8 billion hours watched.

The streaming platform reached 1.56 billion hours watched throughout the month a year ago.

During the 31-day month, daily hours watched also dipped, hitting 57.3 million, following a decline seen since last month.

Grand Theft Auto 5, League of Legends, and Valorant were again among the top-viewed games of the month on Twitch.

The most-watched games during March are listed below:

Grand Theft Auto 5 – 149 million
League of Legends – 112 million
Valorant – 98 million
CS: GO – 88 million
Fortnite – 50 million
DOTA 2 – 47 million
Apex Legends – 30 million
Call of Duty Warzone – 29 million
Overwatch 2 – 28 million

Additionally, Counter-Strike saw a 53% increase in viewership during the month due to the PGL CS2 Major tournament.

“There were few surprises about Twitch this month since their daily hours watched drops yearly in March, and the top 10 games and streamers were the usual suspects. One notable exception was the blistering rise of Supermarket Simulator,” said Stream Elements co-founder Or Perry.

“Niche indie games rarely crack the top 20, but thanks to top streamers, it soared up the charts to the number 17 spot, illustrating the impact of influencers.”

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