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Dove and Open Source Afro Hair Library launch Code My Crown

Dove and Open Source Afro Hair Library has unveiled the Code My Crown guide.

The free downloadable resource aims to provide game developers instructions, references, and source code for creating Black hairstyles in video games.

Code My Crown was created in response to the lack of hairstyles seen and selectable for Black people playing video games.

While improvements have been made over the years, games still offer few choices and provide afro-textured hair as DLC after a title’s launch.

Code My Crown was a multiperson collaborative project created by Open Source Afro Hair Library members, independent artists, and natural hair stylists.

Its leading contributors are A.M. Darke, founder of Open Source Afro Hair Library, celebrity hairstylist Nai’Vasha Grace, and 3D artist Isaac Olander.

In the guide Darke said, “Black hair is as dynamic, alive, and ever-changing as Black culture itself.”

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