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Dmitrii Filatov and Grigory Bortnik launch Narwhal Accelerator

Dmitrii Filatov and Grigory Bortnik have unveiled the Narwhal Accelerator.

The program aims to provide up to $100,000 in investments for gaming and game tech firms in Europe, LATAM, and MENA regions.

Narwhal said its funding also includes an additional $100,000 for legal, HR, talent acquisition, and legal entity establishment operations.

The intiative will assist with networking, analytics, and market insights. Narwhal says that developers will fully control their development and business decisions.

Additionally, the accelerator will provide two to four months of communication with publishers and investors. It added that several more months will be spent on finding a partner and negotiating deals.

In return, the program says it expects a small stake in a company’s shares.

Narwhal’s cofounder Filatov brings with him a career experience that includes serving as director products funding at Xsolla and executive producer of venture capital firm MGVC.

Meanwhile, cofounder Bortnik worked as investment manager at The Games Fund and Owlcat Games investment director throughout his career.

“Our goal is to assist promising teams in reaching VC investors and publishers, supporting potential “narwhals'” growth and success through a host of our supporting services that cover the most vital business aspects, especially for early-stage companies,” said Filatov.

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