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Disney bets big on Fortnite | Microcast

James Batchelor and Chris Dring discuss the biggest stories of the past week from the business of video games.

We start by (not) speculating about the expected Xbox business update, which Phil Spencer says will address the recent rumours about first-party exclusives to rival platforms, Microsoft dropping physical media or even potentially pulling out of the console space. Okay, maybe we speculated a little. Just a healthy amount.

The big topic of this week’s Microcast is Disney’s $1.5 billion investment in Epic Games and the two companies’ plans for a partnership on a new experience for Fortnite. We discuss Fortnite’s evolution, and what to expect from the Disney deal.

We also take a look at the various financials, investment stories, and acquisitions and reflect on why this offers a little light in what are undoubtedly dark times for the games industry.

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Video versions of the Microcast can be found on the YouTube channel, or via this playlist.

Music composed by Thomas Marchant. Episode edited by Alix Attenborough.

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