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Related Posts Global mobile game revenue declined by 2% to $107bn in 2023

A new report from says that mobile consumer game spending hit $107 billion in 2023.

The figure represents a decrease of 2% year-over-year, according to the State of Mobile 2024 report.

Meanwhile, consumers spent $1.5 billion a week on mobile games globally and throughout the year titles were downloaded more than 1.1 billion times.

Regarding mobile game spending, China led with $37.6 billion in player spending.

The other top markets in mobile game revenue are below:

US – $24 billion
Japan – $12.78 billion
South Korea – $6.34 billion
Germany – $2.6 billion

Meanwhile, hypercasual puzzle games lead downloads with 16.4 billion downloads. Simulation followed with 10.5 billion downloads and action themed games were third at 5.5 billion.

China had the lion’s share of mobile game downloads at 29.32 billion.

The other top mobile downloads by country in 2023:

India – 9.66 billion
Brazil – 4.62 billion
US – 4.55 billion
Indonesia – 3.38 billion

Regarding player spending by game genre, RPGs such as Genshin Impact amassed $24.5 billion worldwide.

The other top-performing genres by revenue are as follows:

Strategy – $10.7 billion
Match genre – $10.2 billion
Casino – $8.3 billion

The report also notes that in 2023, Evony, Lineage M, and Honkai: Star Rail were the top three mobile titles by consumer spending globally.

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