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Capcom is Metacritic's top game publisher of 2023

Capcom took the number one spot in 2023 for Metacritic’s game publisher rankings.

According to the 14th annual report, it received an average Metascore of 84.5.

Its highest-rated release during 2023 was Resident Evil 4 Remake on the PlayStation 5, which scored 93 from critics.

“Finishing at [number one] for the first time since the 2019 edition of our annual Game Publisher Rankings, Capcom benefitted from the massive critical acclaim for its latest Resident Evil remake,” said Metacritic.

“But the publisher also released two other 90+ games in Street Fighter 6 and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and many more in the 80-89 range. The company’s lone 2023 disappointment? Exoprimal, a welcome, if ultimately lackluster, attempt to launch a new IP.”

Among the top ten publishers of 2023, Raw Fury was second with an average of 79.1, and Chorus Worldwide was third averaging 77.6.

The top ten of Metacritic Game Publishers Rankings are listed below:

Raw Fury
Chorus Worldwide
Dangen Entertainment
Annapurna Interactive
Aksys Games
Bethesda Softworks

The Metacritic report states that four factors were used to rank publishers. Some of the criteria included titles with critic scores of 90 or higher and the percentage of titles scored 49 or below.

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