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Capcom increasing all salaries by around 5%, 28% rise for new graduate hires

Capcom has announced it is increasing all employees’ salaries in the coming financial year.

The Japanese publisher said that it plans to raise pay by an average of over 5% in fiscal year 2024 (twelve months ending March 31, 2025).

It is also making a big increase to starting salaries for new graduate hires in fiscal year 2025, rising their base pay from ¥235,000 ($1,590) per month to ¥300,000 ($2,006) – an increase of 28%.

In conjunction with this pay increase for new starters, all current employees – including any new hires in fiscal year 2024 – will also receive a one-time additional payment.

The publisher said this is part of ongoing Human Resources Investment strategy and efforts to invest in people. Since 2022, this strategy has included an average increase of 30% to workers’ base salaries, the introduction of a bonus system linked to company performance, and a new employee stock-based compensation system.

“With this increase in starting salary, Capcom is pursuing further investment in human capital and the acquisition of exceptional talent,” the company said.

It its most recent financial results, Capcom reported it continued to enjoy a successful year, with net sales up 33% to ¥106 billion ($723 million), operating income up 43% to ¥47.7 billion ($325 million), and net income up 47% to ¥34.6 billion ($236 million).

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