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Bandai Namco to open three more stores in UK

Bandai Namco are continuing to expand their stores in the UK by opening three more this month.

A new shop in Ealing will open tomorrow, and will feature Gashapon capsule collectables, Ichibankuji ticket prizes, and Sun-Star Stationery.

Brighton will see a store open on North Street on December 12, housing arcade games and Gashapon collectables.

A third shop will open in Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping centre on December 15, and will sell Gashapon and Sun-Star stationery.

Bandai Namco plans to launch larger stores in the UK in 2024, in addition to tours and national brand appearances.

The company opened its first store in the UK earlier this year, which was the first of its kind outside of Japan. Another shop opened in London last month at Victoria Place.

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