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Baldur's Gate 3 shadow drops on Xbox following parity issues

One of the most acclaimed games of the year is finally available for Xbox, as Larian Studios released Baldur’s Gate 3 during The Game Awards.

The RPG was originally only available for PlayStation 5 and PC, with Larian citing technical issues on Xbox as the reason the port was delayed. Specifically, the studio was struggling to get split-screen co-op working on both the high-end Xbox Series X and the low-end Series S.

Microsoft usually requires parity across both consoles before a game can ship.

However, as announced in August, Microsoft and Larian reached an agreement whereby the game could launch on both consoles without split-screen co-op for Series S. Owners of this model can still play co-operatively only.

Players can also bring over their saves from other platforms via their Larian accounts.

The release was announced during last night’s The Game Awards, where Baldur’s Gate 3 picked up more accolades than any other title.

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