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Australia Games Week kicks off on this Monday

Next week is Australia Games Week on

During our recent trip to Melbourne International Games Week, we spoke to a wide range of developers, trade bodies and funding organisations about how the market has been growing in recent years and what lies ahead.

Australia’s games industry shrank significantly in the wake of the 2008 recession, but a thriving development scene has emerged since then – in fact, the industry has more than doubled in size in the last six years alone.

Starting from Monday, November 13, we’ll be bringing you five days of interviews, analysis and insight into the Australian games industry, including thoughts from developers and trade bodies on the potential impact of the DGTO and other recent funding initiatives, as well as recruitment challenges, the growing AAA sector, and more.

We’ll also have discussions with PlaySide Studios (winner of this year’s Studio of the Year at the Australian Game Developer Awards), indie publisher Fellow Traveller, Stray Gods creator Summerfall, Unpacking developer Witch Beam, Armello dev League of Geeks, First Peoples-led studio Guck, and more.

We’ll add links to each article below as they go live, or you can find them all via the ‘Australia Games Week‘ tag.

Australia Games Week

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