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AusGamers alum launch 3rd-Phase Boss

Managing editors Stephen Farrelly and Kosta Andreadis, formerly of AusGamers, have unveiled 3rd-Phase Boss.

3rd-Phase Boss is a new publication dedicated to the coverage of gaming, technology, and pop culture.

The platform is a completely owned and managed website by the journalist duo. It will also include a podcast featuring former IGN editor Cam Shea.

Farrelly and Andreadis attributed the decision to creating “their own digital publishing arm, ensuring ultimate control over design, advertising, partnerships, content, and tone, as well as direction for all future publishing endeavors.”

“We’ve worked for many publishers and platform owners over the years and just felt like it was time for us to take on an ownership model and do things our way,” said Farrelly.

3rd-Phase Boss joins Aftermath and Second Wind as new gaming media verticals formed by major outlet veterans.

It is currently Australian games industry at; everything we’ve published so far can be accessed here.

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