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Atomic Heart composer Mick Gordon donating fee to Ukrainian aid

Mick Gordon, the composer of upcoming shooter Atomic Heart, has donated his fee for working on the game to aid people affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Gordon announced the donation via a statement on Twitter, discussing his work with the Soviet-themed FPS’ developer Mundfish.

His statement follows numerous allegations against Mundfish, including that the studio and game are funded by Russian authorities, although Gordon does not specifically refer to these claims.

He announced he will donate his fee to the Australian Red Cross’ Ukraine Crisis Appeal “in support of the people of Ukraine who are heroically defending their country against aggression.”

Allegations against Mundfish have emerged across the internet in recent months, drawing links between the studio and the Russian government or Russia-based investors. If the government ties are true, some people are concerned that buying Atomic Heart will be indirectly funding the authorities currently waging war against Ukraine.

Mundfish attempted to address these with a statement on Twitter, although it did not specifically deny any of the allegations.

“We have noted the questions surrounding where we, at Mundfish, stand,” the company wrote. “We want to assure you that Mundfish is a developer and studio with a global team focused on an innovative game and is undeniably a pro-peace organization against violence against people.

“We do not comment on politics or religion. Rest assured; we are a global team focused on getting Atomic Heart into the hands of gamers everywhere. We do not, and will not, condone contributors or spammers with offensive, hateful, discriminatory, violent, or threatening language or content.”

On January 25, online European tech publication Ain Capital reported that Mundish is “sponsored by Russian investors,” including one with ties to a Russian oligarch and a sanctioned bank.

The site also claimed Mundfish had a privacy policy on it’s online store saying that the studio collects users’ data and may provide it to Russian state authorities, including the Federal Security Bureau.

Mundfish responded to GamesRadar+, refuting some of Ain Capital’s claims – specifically around the privacy policy – with a spokesperson saying:

“Our game and website DO NOT [emphasis original] collect any information or data. The website’s privacy statement is outdated and wrong, and should have been removed years ago. We have shut down the shop to assure our fans of the integrity of our studio and products. We apologise for any confusion on this matter.”

Atomic Heart’ puts players take on the role of a KGB agent in an alternative future where the Soviet Union developed robotics and other technology that enabled it to defeat Nazi Germany.

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