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After the cancellation of Hyenas, Creative Assembly will hone in on RTS games

Following the shutdown of online FPS Hyenas, Creative Assembly will refocus on developing real-time strategy titles.

The decision was announced by Sega CFO and senior executive VP Koichi Fukazawa in the firm’s newly published results presentation.

“To put it simply, Creative Assembly was good at offline games in the RTS genre, but they took on the challenge of developing Hyenas, an online game in the FPS genre,” said Fukazawa.

“However, although the game itself was good, we decided to cancel the development of Hyenas because we did not think it would reach a quality that would satisfy our users when we considered whether we could really operate this as a competitive online game for a long period of time.”

The Total War series, developed by Creative Assembly, has amassed 43.4 million units in sales and downloads since its 2000 debut.

Back in September, it was reported that Sega’s decision to cancel Hyenas was due to structural reforms.

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