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The Games Industry Social: San Francisco edition in pictures | GDC 2024

Last night, teamed up with to Games Industry Gathering to kick off GDC 2024 with an evening party for attendees.

The catchily-titled Games Industry Social: San Francisco 2024 Edition took place on Monday at Spark Social – a short drive from GDC venue, the Moscone Center – and invited games professionals to catch up, eat, drink, and generally be merry.

There was also the return of the GamesIndustry.quiz, pitting teams against each other in a battle of wits that relied on their knowledge of recent events, past GDCs, video games set in San Francisco and more.

The winning team was Wokemon, and can be seen below holding their trophies aloft in triumph.

The event was sponsored by communications and marketing agency 1SP and Renaissance PR. Scroll down to see a selection of photos from the night. is also an official media partner of GDC 2024, and you can keep up with our coverage of the biggest news from San Francisco this week by following the tag ‘GDC 2024‘.

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