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The bleatings will continue until morale improves | Creature Comforts

Before we begin, big thanks to Crepuscular Fluffle designer Merlijn Eskens for answering the last column’s call for a sheep picture so I had an excuse to use this column’s headline. It is very much appreciated.

Unfortunately, I have to admit this headline is pure clickbait. As it stands right now, the threat of continued bleatings is an empty one. It has no teeth. No fangs, beaks, tails, or claws, dew or otherwise. Not even those cute little toe beans.

What I’m trying to say is that we have gone through our backlog of pet pictures, and I am once again asking for your zoological support.

Like a public radio pledge drive, we need your donations. Your pet pictures are vital to the work we do here, somehow. (Don’t think too hard about it.)

You can help us out and do your part to secure a bright future for the Creature Comforts column by emailing your pet pics to with “Creature Comforts” in the subject line, along with your name and job title for the submission.

And if you want to go the extra mile, you can always convince your studio management to encourage everyone to do the same because just think what a morale boost it would be for everyone to scroll through a column looking for their co-workers’ cute pets and then spending the rest of the day talking with each other about what good pets they all are working extra hard to meet their deadlines.

Oh, and if 100 or so pet pictures below aren’t quite enough, we have the entire Creature Comforts archive for anyone who really wants to go down the rabbit hole and spend an afternoon on this.

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