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Join our free webinar on mastering engagement & loyalty in the new mobile gaming era, TikTok and the National Research Group will host a free webinar next month on the new transformative landscape of mobile games and how to succeed within it.

You can sign up here.

TikTok and NRG will delve into the modern landscape of mobile gaming, drawing on key insights from their collaborative white paper, which you can also download for free right here.

As the mobile gaming landscape evolves, understanding the modern gamer’s preferences and the dynamics of game discovery and engagement becomes crucial for developers and marketers alike.

The session aims to equip participants with actionable insights and strategies to navigate the challenges and leverage opportunities within the ever-changing mobile gaming ecosystem.

In the free webinar, attendees will learn:

How rapid changes in the mobile landscape (such as social and innovative gaming experiences and policy changes in app tracking) can affect your mobile business.

The three core pillars for success in the current mobile market.

How to leverage the TikTok platform to increase engagement and discovery.

And attendees can have their mobile gaming questions answered by TikTok and NRG.

The session will feature Patrick Herrin Marketing Strategy Manager at TikTok and NRG’s head of games and EVP Collin Leirvik.

Alongside TikTok, Herrin has worked on leading brands including PlayStation, adidas, Facebook, Bandai Namco, Amazon, AWS, and more. Meanwhile, Leirvik is a research veteran with over 15-years of experience and oversees custom and syndicated market research for leading games publishers and platforms.

You can sign up right here.

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