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Find out how to make your games cheaper, faster and better with GI Sprint

This June, we are running a special editorial event around making games cheaper, faster and better. And we’ve called it GI Sprint.

Reacting to the industry challenge of spiralling development costs, GI Sprint will feature a series of podcasts, videos and articles covering all sorts of subjects around the goal of making games in a financially sustainable way. Our first expert guests will be announced in the coming weeks.

From the latest advancements in cloud technology, the opportunity and risks of AI, getting things right at the concept stage, efficient ways of working remotely and a whole lot more, GI Sprint will feature leading experts in the field of game development. Want to contribute a session? Contact

GI Sprint will take place between June 17th – July 5th, and will conclude with a free White Paper collating some of the best articles and top tips from across the project.

Various sponsorship packages are available for GI Sprint. Contact for more details. Alternatively, grab us during GDC next week and we’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

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