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Hidden Path lays off 44

Hidden Path Entertainment founder and creative director Michael Austin confirmed on LinkedIn yesterday that the studio has laid off 44 employees, as spotted by Game Developer.

The studio’s website says it has a team of “over 65” developers.

“For over six months, our team at Hidden Path Entertainment has been in numerous active discussions to find replacement funding for an exciting RPG project,” Austin said.

“In the face of a challenging environment, we now have no choice but to pause development on that project and reduce the company size until we have an opportunity to return to it.”

That RPG project appears to have been a Dungeons & Dragons game that Hidden Path had been working on with Wizards of the Coast.

The game was reportedly cancelled by Wizards of the Coast in January last year, but Hidden Path insisted at the time the game was still in the works.

It remains the featured title on the Games section of Hidden Path’s website.

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