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Former Keywords Studios employees to strike outside BioWare Edmonton

Laid-off employees of Keywords Studios are planning to strike outside BioWare Edmonton’s headquarters today.

As Game Developer reports, the group consists of the unionised Dragon Age QA team, who were let go in September after BioWare decided not to continue its contract in August.

Members will strike on November 7 outside BioWare Edmonton from 11am to 12pm MST.

After the union filed a notice with the Alberta Labour Relations Board to strike, EA and BioWare allegedly objected to the former employees striking outside their offices because they were remote workers.

However, the board ruled in the union’s favour during a hearing on November 2 as former staff would “remotely access computers located inside BioWare’s offices” to work.

“We view this Labour Board ruling as a huge win for not just us, but remote workers everywhere in Canada,” said union spokesperson James Russwurm. “Workers can now go ‘oh, I can picket my employer’s offices downtown even though I don’t work in the office.” has reached out to EA, BioWare, and Keywords Studio for comment.

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