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CWA issues union guidelines for AI in the workplace

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) has published a guide on using AI in the workplace.

The organization said that the guide serves not to stop new technologies but to ensure that their benefits are shared broadly.

CWA’s committee on AI offered specific guidance on bargaining and public policy regarding implementing artificial intelligence.

Some of the principles provided include:

CWA members and leadership will be proactive in confronting the issues raised by AI tools and systems in their workplace.
The criminal legal system must be required to evaluate any uses of AI to protect against bias and unaccountable decision-making.
Policymakers at all levels should advance protections against AI systems that may discriminate against people in protected categories.

CWA president Claude Cummings Jr said, “AI has the potential to build prosperity and unleash human creativity, but only if it works for working people.”

“We are taking a member-first approach and demanding that working Americans have a voice, guaranteed by their union contract, in how AI shapes the future of work.”

Artificial intelligence was among the topics of discussion for SAG-AFTRA and ten video game companies months prior.

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