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Counterfeit Square Enix products seized in China

Square Enix has revealed that several people have been criminally charged for distributing counterfeit merchandise in China.

In a press announcement, the publisher detailed that nine people were charged in May 2023 in Guangdong province. Six were involved with distributing the products, while three were charged for manufacturing.

Counterfeit products involving Final Fantasy and Nier: Automata characters were seized as a result.

The games firm initially filed a request “based on information gathered through independent investigations” into the matter, in addition to “special collaborative work conducted with an investigation firm and industry peers.”

“[Square Enix] will continue to dedicate itself to the protection of its intellectual property so that it may provide better products and services while maintaining and enhancing its brand image,” the company said.

“It reminds its customers and distributors to remain vigilant and protect themselves against counterfeits.”

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