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Cosmic Lounge raises €4m in seed funding round

Mobile games startup Cosmic Lounge has raised €4 million ($4.4 million) in a seed funding round.

Tomi Huttula, Tommi Kiviniemi, and Peter Tokoi founded the company. The founding members of Cosmic Lounge include Simo Rajamäki, Mika Karkinen, and Johannes Päivinen.

Transcend Fund led the seed funding round following a 2022 pre-seed investment from Sisu Game Ventures.

With the investment, the studio aims to create free-to-play puzzle games with its proprietary development engine, called the Puzzle Engine.

“One of the key priorities for us is to be able to efficiently and extensively evaluate the product-market fit throughout the whole development process, enabling us to produce games our target audiences really love to play,” said Huttula.

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